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How to Prepare Your House Before Getting it Treated for Bedbug and Other Biting Pests?

If your house is infested with bed bugs then it is really difficult to eliminate them, in French, they say difficile d’éliminer les punaises de lit. The following are few tips that can help you as well as the pest management company to get rid of them quickly.

  • Don’t move your belongings to any other place, while treatment is going on unless you are sure that they are not at all infested. Move as little items as possible after thoroughly checking for bedbugs.
  • Wash all the bed items in moderately hot water and dry them thoroughly and keep them in bags. Keep them totally separated from other items that are infested.

  • Do the same with all the clothing and do not place them in infested rooms/areas till the treatment is completed and all the bedbugs are totally eliminated.
  • Place all pillows, towels, curtains, stuffed animals etc. inside the dryer set by keeping at highest setting, which will not damage those items for minimum 30 minutes.
  • Carefully inspect the Items which are not washable e.g. electronics, books, picture plastic toys, frames etc. In case any insecticides are used, then place all children’s items in plastic bags.
  • Store all dried and cleaned items inside the plastic bags till your home is fully treated and all bedbugs are eliminated.

  • Vacuum clean all floors so that bedbugs will not escape.
  • Vacuum all the mattress to remove live or dead bedbugs. If the mattress can be encased, then use one which is bedbug proof. Ensure that this encasement should be thick enough to prevent bed bugs biting through it. Also, have tight zippers so that the bugs will not escape through.
  • Vacuum all couches, recliners and chairs thoroughly before the treatment. Couches and chairs are place where bedbugs can be often found.

Usually, any cluttered home cannot be very easily inspected and also it is more difficult to do any treatment as bedbugs can easily find so many hiding places in such places. Therefore, try to throw away all unnecessary things. Pick up and try to double check every loose item in the bedroom and any other rooms which will be treated. Ensure that all these items are properly treated (if required) or inspected prior to returning all these items to ensure you are not again returning bedbugs for the next treatment.

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