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Granite Countertops Benefits and Types

Granite countertops are the first choice in modern kitchen. It does not matter, if the home is an apartment, residential home, break-room in retail store or in luxury hotel suites granite countertop is sought after item.

Granite material is natural and unique with rare colors and veins. It is durable and beautiful option, when selecting a surface that blends with your appliances and cabinetry. Colors you get to choose from include black, brown, white, blue, red, and beige. Granite countertops will take kitchen environment from boring to elegant without any loss of original room functionality.

Adding granite countertops offer an array of benefits

Adds to the aesthetic

Outdoors natural element is brought indoors, especially an ecofriendly component like granite, which adds to your home value. It will not add financial resale value of your house but adds visual appeal to attract buyers, if your Houston home is placed in the market for sale.


Granite countertops Houston is super tough. It means chipping or scratching is not done easily on the stone’s surface. Professionals apply sealer, which helps the stone to resist stain and even extends its life.

Eco-friendly material

Granite stone retains its earthy appearance. The rock is tumbled as well as polished to hold its high sheen, which improves the materials natural pattern. Thus you can buy countertops in marbled, basic, and specked patterns.

Dirt & germs resistant

As granite is not porous but possesses sealed surface food items don’t soak inside. Thus the surface hardly gets plagued with bacteria, dirt or common grimes seen on kitchen countertops. Its surface is smooth and sealed allowing easy clean-up of spills and messes from food preparation.

Easy fix in case of chip or scratch

Accidents do happen suddenly in the kitchen. For instance, you may drop a heavy pot on the granite countertop. It can leave an unsightly chip on the surface due to the forced crash. Professionals use a putty dye that matches the precise countertop color then reseal it to protect from spills.

Perfectly flat surface

Bakers or chefs make use of the flat countertop surface to knead bread or make cookies. Granite countertops offer such flat surface.

Firm outline

Due to its firmness, you don’t need extra help because it is steady for every cooking process.

Different kinds of granite countertops to consider

  • Pure white is rare. Typical white variety you can come across include black, red, grey or blue spots of stone across its surface. To create more open ambiance in small kitchen pair white countertops along with cherry wood cabinetry.

  • Gray and black granite countertops offer a dramatic appearance suited best for contemporary kitchen designed with white or light wood cabinets.
  • Unlike dark granite countertops, beige and brown granite blend well with many kitchen styles.
  • Blue and red granite is less common but can make an eye-catching and exotic statement. Pair it with light colored cabinets to obtain a stunning kitchen design.
  • Neutral color scheme defines classic, subtle, and versatile. Neutral granite countertop has patterns, which can conceal some inevitable marks that can be due to normal wear & tear.

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