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Few Different Applications of Treated Wood Pilings

Due to the property of resistant to fungal decay, rot, insect damage and various water damages, the treated wood pilings are in demand, particularly in areas where there is structural problem or natural wood decays too fast and many other problems. Not only can you use it on land but in the water too. You can get such pressure treated woods in round and square cross sections and in various sizes.

Let us discuss about few important applications of treated pilings in this article. Here is a list of projects that can be done with these pilings.

  • Pole barns

In a barn, wood of larger diameter is buried several feet under the ground and then it is filled with soil, concrete and gravel. Any normal wood will not last longer in such condition and therefore only treated woods are preferred for such application.

  • Fences or corrals

In order to build property fencing corrals, treated piling of different diameters are used. You can create a very strong fence by using such treated pilings and can keep your horses, cattle and livestock and make the area fully secured. There is no need for frequent repairing if treated pilings are used.

  • Roof beams

Roof structure is another common area where treated pilings are used. There will be very little chances of insect infestation or getting rot by using treated pilings instead of using natural wood.

  • House piers

Beam and pier construction are generally preferred where soil conditions prevent use of regular concrete in the basement or crawlspace.  In the location where soil is very rocky also piers are used by drilling hole on them. Here treated piers can be very useful as it will not suffer from fungal decay, moisture exposure and various rot.

  • Decks and porches

Square sections of treated pilings are especially used for the construction of porches or decks in most of the houses. By using treated pilings one can be assured that the deck will last for many years and will be structurally very sound too. Homeowner will need do very little amount of maintenance.

  • Dock or pier pilings

For the houses located near sea, river or lake treated pilings are the popular material for making docks. They may remain immersed in water and yet remain unaffected. For fishing, accessing to watercraft or climbing into water docks can be used.

In addition to that, treated pilings are also used for Bulkheads or retaining walls, telephone or utility poles and light poles.

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