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Everything You Need to Know About Engineered Timber Flooring

Engineering Timber Flooring is one of the most common kinds of flooring implemented these days. This kind of flooring is created with the help of 3-12 multiple ply layers which are placed on the top of one another in multiple directions, pasted and then pressure is applied against each other. The inner core layers of the play are created of soft or hard plywood that pays heed to the tongue and groove system. The uppermost layer is built of thick hardwood veneer wear layer which is pasted and pressed to the upper most surface. Almost every kind of wood has been engineered to give rise to hardwood flooring. Engineered timber and oak flooring is a sure-shot way to deem itself one of the most budget friendly, easier and quicker to install when compared to solid wood flooring.

Here are some of the benefits engineered timber flooring bestows us with.

  • The dimensions of engineered timber flooring are larger than the solid hardwood flooring and the width of engineered timber panel is limited.
  • When it comes to nailing the engineered timber over joists, there is no need for any plywood sub flooring.
  • Areas where concrete is used, like the basements, solid wood flooring is not a suitable option. In this case, engineered timber flooring is compatible as there is a radiant heating of the floor.
  • Engineered timber flooring is much more appealing because of its vast variety and finishes.
  • Engineered timber doesn’t create a gap or cup like a solid wood.

You should take care of the intensity and volume of traffic your wooden flooring will withstand and pitched against. If the traffic is surmountable, like in a shopping mall, then you should mandatorily go for an engineered timber floor with a thick wear layer. If the traffic is moderate and proper maintenance is an easy-peasy task, then there is no requirement for a thick layer. Making the best of the engineered timber flooring helps in gaining satisfaction and confidence that you helped in making this world a better place by conserving our precious forests. A square foot of ¾ inch solid wood is tantamount to the 4 times that size when transformed into engineered timber flooring.

And when you choose engineered timber flooring over solid wooden flooring, you are contributing in preserving your environment and preserving the flooring of your home in the wisest way possible.

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