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5 Eco-Friendly House Design Ideas

Environmentally friendly house designs are not only seen safe to reside in, additionally they help you save lots of money. To assist you listed here are 5 eco-friendly house design ideas:


The place of your property is crucial. To maintain your house awesome, you need to avoid setting up a west facing house.

Simultaneously you need to avoid constructing your home inside a shady landscape that protects your home from being able to access sunlight.

Doorways and home windows

The doorway provides light as well as enables heated air to flee thus departing your home smelling fresh. You need to choose a large door without home windows. As guideline the doorway ought to be produced from eco-friendly wood or other material.

With regards to home windows, you need to go energy star-rated home windows that are perfect for your climate zone. You need to install the home windows within an position allowing maximum light to go in the home.

To permit more light you need to install glass panels in the base. For that home windows to confess breezes they ought to have glass panels in the base. Breezes generate awesome air thus eliminating the requirement for air-conditioning. Therefore helps you save lots of money.


Insulation prevents heat and air from getting away the home thus you don’t have to heat the home. For greatest results you need to employ a professional contractor to set up the insulation.


There are lots of roofing materials which you can use, only a couple of help make your house eco-friendly. You need to install roofing materials produced from recycled sources. Among the best options to choose is aluminium metal.

The awesome factor with this particular materials are it’s heat-resistant and multiple-use. An alternative choice that you could opt for is bamboo roofing. Additionally to being renewable, it is also sustainable.

Solar power panels

Solar power is clean, renewable and economical thus helping you save lots of money within the lengthy run. You should use solar power in various areas including water heating and lighting. You need to observe that different solar power panels perform best at different geographical locations therefore, you need to research and get the best panels to make use of in your town.


These are the methods for designing an eco-friendly house. Additionally to those tips it’s also wise to use eco-friendly lighting. The best lighting materials to make use of are: CFL and Brought. To generate an excellent design you need to readily experienced architect.

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